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The Self-Aggrandizing Blot Strikes

So, I heard from my friend Connie Willis today about an unscripted event at the LA con last week. I'm sure anyone who watched the Hugo Awards ceremony knows to what I refer. A certain over-the-hill sf writer with a pathological need to occupy the limelight publicly groped Ms. Willis's breasts. Apparently he thought this would get a laugh...kind of like the way 19th century mastectomies without anaesthesia always had 'em rolling in the aisles.

He has now posted to his innumerable and imbecilic fan base that this was all a big jape; or that Connie was in on the gag; or that, hey, what's a little groping among old friends anyway? Pick your favorite falsehood. His unquestioning fans seem be akin to the 33% who continue to maintain against every single piece of proof to the contrary that George Bush is smarter than a toilet brush. So for the record let's just say that what he did publicly and without the willing participation of Ms. Willis constitutes a sexual assault. This isn't about being PC, or poking fun at not being PC. It's about being so far over the line that you don't understand you left the line back on the far side of the horizon. Of course, it wasn't about sex, it was about getting her out of the spotlight and making the Hugo entertainment all about him. Wisely, she is not posting, not rebutting, not remonstrating, because any such activity would only feed his all-consuming ego. Me, I'm not even going to mention his name. "MUD" should be sufficient. One less hit of notoriety in the search engines....

So, Mr. Mud, you faux-feminist and faux-propounder of human rights and dignity, we understand that it's all about you. It always has been. But someone needs to tell you that you're in flames and going down, pal; and I honestly hope you get help before you hit. After that, you're wormfood and nobody can help at all.

GF out
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